About Us!

Positive Image Photography is a portrait studio owned and operated by Hank & Bev Rintjema.  A passion for creating beautiful images and a commitment to customer service has been our focus since opening our studio in 1990.


Have you ever been inspired or motivated by someone?  I mean really inspired… enough to take action?  My Oma (grandmother) was such a person to me.  I remember that physically she looked old and wrinkled but her mind was sharp.  She had the ability to see and perceive things in life that others didn’t.    Not only did she see talent in me but she encouraged me to develop and pursue that talent.  She called it a gift and she told me…”you should go to school for photography”.  Well, I tell you, that turned on a 500 watt light in my head… I was pumped.  I took my Oma’s advice.  I went to school and studied photography for three years.  Six months after that we started our own business.  Did you notice I said “we?”  Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “behind every good man, there’s a woman.”  Well, that’s not the case here.  My wife Bev has been beside me the whole time with nothing but support and encouragement.  Like my Oma, she also inspires me… we’re a couple, a team, soulmates!  What can I say…“I Love my wife!”

The GREAT Outdoors!

Technology is awesome… digital cameras, computers, the internet, movies, cell phones, cool gadgets of every kind.. I love them all.  Equally enjoyable to me is leaving all that behind and exploring the great outdoors.  I’m talking about wilderness that is only accessible by boat… in my case, a kayak.  To be one with nature with no amenities what-so-ever is truly an exhilarating experience.  All you have is what you can fit in your pocket and boat… and believe me, it’s not much.  The stunning beauty of rocky shorelines, kayaking crystal clear waters and sleeping under the stars is an exciting adventure like no other.


Bev… the photographer’s wife.