Take a Break

Time for a latte at a downtown Hamilton cafe.

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Why do Creative People Create?

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HeadShots / BodyShots

First impressions are important, and in today’s world of websites and social media, those impressions are rarely made in person. Clients will find you and your business on-line and that’s where you have the opportunity […]

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Studio Portraits… with Style!

Sometimes a standard portrait just won’t do!  Want something different?  Text me 905-318-2600 or email me at and we’ll schedule a photo-shoot you won’t forget.

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Creative Vision Portraits

Creative Vision Portraits cater to clients who desire distinctive, creative one-of-a-kind wall portraits.  Each composition blends multiple images into a unique, visually stunning artwork.

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TuTu Tuesday is here!

Oh so cute!  Babies are adorable, especially when dressed up with a tutu and headband.  Our TuTu Special is now on!

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“Mug Monday” Continues

Our first “Mug Monday Special” was a huge hit.  Do you need a business portrait, but don’t want to pay too much?  This special offer is for you!  Mug Monday Special

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Mug Monday Special – Now On!

Need a Business Portrait?  Don’t want to spend too much?  This Special Offer is for YOU!  Click HERE for Details!

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Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you want to get really good at something, you have to practice, practice, practice. That’s what my wife, Bev & I tell our kids. At Positive Image Photography, we’ve been creating great images since […]

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Business Portraits

  Your business portrait / headshot will be seen everywhere… websites, social media, business cards, letterheads, advertising pieces and so on.  It’s got to be good.  Business Portraits

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