Family Portraits!  In our Studio, In your Home or An Outdoor Location.

Why would you want a family portrait?  Because you love your family… it’s that simple.  Your family is one of the main reasons you get up in the morning and work so hard during the day. A family portrait is a reflection of that love.  A portrait has a kind of magic that can be enjoyed right now but also years down the road when you look back on the-way-you-were. Besides all that, a family portrait is also a precious gift that can be enjoyed by your extended family and friends as well.

The Greater Hamilton Area has many beautiful locations for outdoor portraits.  Whether your preference is a woodland setting (Bruce Trail), waterfall (Albion Falls), garden (RBG Rock Gardens), sandy beach (Beach Strip), urban or architectural (Gore Park Fountain / Dundurn Castle) background, Hamilton has it all.

For studio portraits, our white background is the most popular for family portraits. The look is very flattering and it works great with white or pastel coloured clothing or even dark clothing. Some people believe a white background will make them appear “washed out.” This simply is not true. When done professionally, it actually produces rich and pleasing skin tones.







Framed Wall Portraits

Our Framed Wall Portraits have a look and feel of Art Gallery Images.  The clean and modern look is well suited for portraits taken on our white background.  Portraits with white boarders are mounted and laminated as a one piece display.  They come complete and ready to hang with our classic black frame.

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Clients sometimes shy away from big portraits because they have trouble visualizing the size and large portraits cost more.  Once they see how beautiful BIG is, they recognize the value and are convinced that BIG is BETTER.

Low Key Family Portraits are very dramatic with predominantly dark tone colours throughout.  It works very well with black clothing on a black background.






Quote MarksWe had such a great experience with positive image!

We asked Hank to take our family portraits for my mom’s 80th birthday.  The shoot went flawlessly….even with 4 kids!  Hank made sure that the environment was fun and upbeat.  The pictures turned out incredible!  It was hard to choose photos because the majority of them were great.  Hank was a complete pleasure – start to finish – from the first phone call to the final hand shake.  The photos turned out great and there was so much choice when it came to printing options.  This wasn’t my first time choosing positive image and it won’t be my last!

Christina Versteeg

Wall Clusters – like Music is to Your Ears, Wall Portraits are to Your Eyes

Our Wall Clusters are a clean and modern way to display your portraits.  All the photographs are beautifully mounted, laminated and ready to hang… no need for frames.  We have Five Compositions to choose from Orchestra, Opera, Chorus, Symphony or Concert.  The portraits are spaced 1 inch apart and about 1 inch off the wall giving the illusion they are floating.  Custom Wall Clusters are also available.

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Quote MarksBesides being a professional photographer, Hank is also just a regular guy who sees the natural beauty of life’s both ordinary and precious moments, and has a remarkable gift of capturing them. When we booked our extended family photo shoot, Hank was very accommodating to suit our family schedule and needs. Our portrait session was fun and relaxed, and we are so pleased with the amazing results. Thanks Hank!”

Clarence & Jeri Batterink

Our Quote Marksexperience with Hank and Positive Image Photography was excellent!  With 15 family members involved, finding a date that worked proved to be a challenge, but Hank was extremely accommodating and understanding of our need to reschedule.  He was always a pleasure to talk to and it is obvious that he loves his profession.  He took the time to find the “perfect spot” for the pictures, and they turned out wonderful!  Thank you Hank!”

Joanna Sheldrick

Quote MarksOur family was blessed by our photo shoot experience with Positive Image. Hank was a delight to work with, helping us stay relaxed and laughing while also keeping his eye on the creative details. And we are thrilled with the results too — beautiful family photos that we will treasure forever. Hank made us feel and look beautiful!”

 Monica deRegt

What I love about coming to Positive Image and having my family photographed, is that I know I’m putting my trust in a fully trained, qualified and experienced professional.  Hank is simply the real deal.”

Cara Broughton




Canvas Gallery Wall Display

Our custom wall clusters are a beautiful way to display your family portraits.  Like a painting, sculpture or other work of art, professional portraits beautify your home and enrich your living space.  Unlike other art, wall portraits are extra special because they reflect the ones you love the most… your family.

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