Positive Image Photography is a premier headshot/creative portrait studio with years of experience photographing creative professionals & amateurs in the Greater Hamilton area since 1990.  Cutting edge photography equipment and creative headshot techniques & poses are important to achieve great results but the ability to make someone comfortable and relaxed is the key to creating a great headshot, and that’s what we do best.  Our headshots are well suited for Actors, Performers, Writers, Dancers, Musicians, Models and all Creative People… professionals and amateurs alike.





Photographs capture important moments of our life, and before I met Hank I knew only about such an experience through imagination and other testimonials. However, when I entered his studio and engaged in his vision, Hank brought my imagination to life and allowed me to take part in a session that brought to life precisely what I wanted from the art form. I feel fortunate to have worked with him and anyone else who seeks to do so, I am sure, will feel the same way.”

Jarrett Mazza