Creative Designs to Showcase Your Portraits


“At Positive Image Photography, we believe a beautiful wall portrait of someone you love can make you smile… not just once, but time and time again.  And that’s why we do what we do!” 

We want your portraits to look great in your home so we’ve put together an inspiring selection of wall portrait displays for you to choose from.   Like a painting, sculpture or other work of art, professional portraits beautify your home and enrich your living space.  Unlike other art, wall portraits are extra special because they reflect the people you care about the most… your family and loved ones.


Canvas Gallery Wraps

The highest quality presentation for your images. Our Canvas Gallery Wrap is the process of wrapping the printed fine art canvas around a custom made stretcher frame. The result is a beautiful and elegant way to display your images.


Framed Wall Portraits

Our Framed Wall Portraits have the look and feel of Art Gallery Images. Portraits with black or white boarders are mounted and laminated as a one piece display. They come complete and ready to hang with our classic black or white frame. NOTE: Glass is VERY reflective so at Positive Image, we laminate all our wall portraits for the most pleasing visual experience.

Wall Clusters

Our Wall Clusters are very popular and with good reason.  They give your images a clean, modern look with visual appeal.  It’s a creative and eye catching way to display your images.  We have five designs to choose from or you can create your own Custom Wall Cluster.

Wall Cluster Gallery


Story Boards

A beautiful display of three or five 5×7 images mounted & laminated as a one piece display.  Story Boards come complete and ready to hang with your choice of finish… Plaque, Floatmount, Framed or Canvas Gallery Wrap.

 Split Image Displays

Split Image Displays are a unique and distinctive way to exhibit your portraits. The triple panel arrangement works well with three images where the larger center image spills onto the two side panels creating a pleasing visual effect. Two smaller images on the outer panels complete the composition.